Warning against gang stealing Bitcoin (BTC) via Telegram!

Warning against gang stealing Bitcoin (BTC) via Telegram!


A group of hackers took advantage of Telegram's privacy feature to steal users ' Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies. In these attacks, which were specifically targeted at new investors with the expectation of “AirDrop”, it was stated that assets exceeding half a million dollars have been stolen so far.

A report by cyber security firm Avast announced that the hacker gang had been identified. ” HackBoss: malware that steals cryptocurrency through Telegram, " the article shared with the title described how hackers infiltrated the computer. And he was warned to be careful.

Malware designed to steal cryptocurrencies falls into one of three main categories, according to the report:

Password thieves: malware focused on stealing cryptocurrency wallets or encrypted files.

Coinminers: malware that uses the computational power of the victim's machine to mine cryptocurrencies.

Keyloggers: malware that records keystrokes to save passwords or basic phrases.

These three categories of cryptocurrency-related malware became the third most common type of malware seen last year.

The HackBoss mentioned and used in Telegram is a simple cryptocurrency stealing malware. The most interesting aspect of this malware is the way it is presented to victims. The creators of hackboss have a Telegram channel, which they use as the main source for spreading the malware.

The authors of the HackBoss malware have a channel called Hack Boss (hence the name of the malware family). Each post aired on this channel contains a cryptocurrency stealing malware disguised only as a hacking or program-breaking app. Moreover, no apps broadcast on this channel display the promised behavior: they are all fake and malicious.

As soon as the software starts to be downloaded by the user, passwords are detected and cryptocurrencies are transferred to the wallets of malicious people. Avast collected a list of wallet addresses that belonged to Hackboss. 

The wallet addresses format that hackboss controls are from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin and Monero cryptocurrencies. The amount received from these wallets since November 2018 is as follows:

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