Ukrainian civil servants have a total of 46 thousand bitcoins: 40% belong to one person

Ukrainian civil servants have a total of 46 thousand bitcoins: 40% belong to one person

According to a report by Opendatabot, a local data analysis service, Ukrainian public officials have a total of 46,351 BTC. This amount is approximately 2 billion 600 thousand dollars at current prices.

According to regulations in Ukraine, officers in the country must declare all property they own or use. Some officers also included cryptocurrencies in their notices.

CoinDesk quoted Opendatabot as saying in March that 652 of 791 thousand 872 public officials reported that they owned Bitcoins. According to the company, among public officials, most cryptocurrency investors are made up of members of municipal councils, followed by police, Defense Ministry and attorney general's office staff, respectively. Members of Ukraine's National Assembly, the Supreme Council of Ukraine, account for 3.7 percent of public officials who own cryptocurrencies.

Interestingly, 40 percent of the total amount of 46,351 BTC belongs to a single city council member. This name is Mishalov Vyacheslav Dmitrovich, Secretary of the Dnipro Beledie Assembly, which has 18 thousand BTC. At current prices, the value of Dmitrovich's BTC is over $ 1 billion. He is followed by Petro Lensky, Secretary of the Vietnamese Embassy with 6,528 BTC. Lensky is followed by Alexander Urbansky, Deputy Speaker of the Odessa regional assembly with 5,328 BTC.

In addition, the report emphasized that the number of Ukrainian public officials investing in cryptocurrencies is growing. In 2018, only 71 people owned cryptocurrencies, up from 424 in 2019 and 653 in 2020. They invested the most in Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Cardano, Stellar and Bitcoin Cash, respectively.

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