Sacramento Kings To Pay Players With Bitcoin

Sacramento Kings To Pay Players With Bitcoin


Vivek Ranadivé, president and CEO of the Sacramento Kings, announced at a meeting at the clubhouse that anyone involved in the organization would be able to get their fee through Bitcoin (BTC). The story soon emerged with a tweet from a clubhouse audience member.

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Speaking at the clubhouse meeting, Ranadivé said::

"In the next few days, I will announce that I will offer this to everyone in the Kings organization, everyone, including the players, will be able to buy as much of their salary as they want in Bitcoin.”

In 2014, the Sacramento Kings announced that they would accept Bitcoin as payment for products in the team store in partnership with payment processor BitPay. Accepting Bitcoin, Ranadivé said, brings fans one step closer to leaving their wallets at home. He also said that in the future, his own children would ask him why the Kings did not accept Bitcoin.

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