Description of bitcoin (BTC) mining from Ripple (XRP) CEO

Description of bitcoin (BTC) mining from Ripple (XRP) CEO


Ripple (XRP) CEO Brad Garlinghouse believes bitcoin (BTC), along with the use of renewable energy, will reach its full potential in mining.

In a statement, Garlinghouse clarified his stance on Bitcoin, explaining that he did not advocate any ban against it. However, he stressed that a transaction with Bitcoin requires 75 gallons of oil, noting that the entire crypto area should aim to turn Bitcoin mining into a clean energy business.

The growing value of bitcoin has caught the attention of the world. But the increase in this price has also worried environmentalists. Along with asset valuation, there is concern that mining activity will also pick up speed. Also asset transaction verification, network assurance, etc.b. such processes also increase the use of electricity. On the subject, Garlinghouse stated::

"As a payment tool, Bitcoin is among the most inefficient payment mechanisms humanity has ever created. Because as Bitcoin's price rises, its energy consumption and carbon footprint continue to scale aggressively. When we consider that a Bitcoin transaction is equivalent to burning about 75 gallons of gasoline, I believe it should not be overlooked.”

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