$ 56 Million Bitcoin Address In Action After 8 Years

$ 56 Million Bitcoin Address In Action After 8 Years


An address that has not been used for almost 8 years and contains 1,000 Bitcoins has been used to transfer money for the first time since it was created. The current exchange rate value of these bitcoins exceeds $ 56 million.

According to Blockchain data, an address with the code 1nh486wuhwcavhamjuusp3togshmnb6v9v was used to trade a total of 21 times after it was opened on July 19, 2013. But in all of these, the address on the receiving side was never on the sending side.

Distributed to two new addresses

Bitcoin whale, the owner of the address, made the transaction today at 13:41 Turkish time. 1,000 bitcoins accumulated at this address since 2013 have been distributed to two new wallet addresses. A $ 31.40 fee was paid for the transaction.

According to Coinbase data, BTC/USD is at $ 56,637. That puts the transaction at a $ 56,637,000 valuation. According to Whale Alert, the price of 1,000 bitcoins in 2013 was $ 134,522. The change is more than 42,000%.

Social media users are speculating that the owner of these Bitcoins may have “remembered years later” the wallet password.

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