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New Views Emerge On Bitcoin's Decline

Two different comments came as investors who woke up to the bloody market were investigating what…

Warning against gang stealing Bitcoin (BTC) via Telegram!

A group of hackers took advantage of Telegram's privacy feature to steal users ' Bitcoin …

First Ethereum (ETH) ETF approved! Corporate Interest Is Growing

A report from Canada today indicated that investment in Ethereum would increase. Toronto-based inve…

Turkey's Central Bank bans trading with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

The regulation of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey on the use of cryptocurrencies was p…

Bitfinex hackers carried about $ 630 million worth of Bitcoin (BTC)

Whale Alert, which monitors major cryptocurrency transactions, reported 63 different Bitcoin (BTC…

Goldman Sachs CEO talks about bitcoin's importance

Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon touched on the importance of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency when …

Gary Gensler Becomes The New President Of The SEC! What Does It Mean For Bitcoin?

On Wednesday, it was officially confirmed that Gary Gensler was the head of the U.S. Securities and…

Bernie Madoff, one of history's greatest crooks, dies

Bernie Madoff, convicted of setting up the biggest Ponzi scheme in history, has died in a federal…

WisdomTree's Bitcoin ETP Listed On German Stock Exchange

WisdomTree announced that it has listed its own Sponsored Bitcoin product on Germany's Xetra ex…

Bitcoin beats Amazon at rate of value rise

Bitcoin has reached a total market capitalization of $ 1 trillion in just 12 years. That period h…

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